We ‘INNOVATE’ by investigating & applying existing & new technologies in creative ways to solve Business & IT problems efficiently.

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Guide customers in discovering the value new business models can bring, what the challenges are within operational excellence and how all these innovation projects can result in an impeccable customer experience.

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This is how we do it

First of all we start with setting the innovation ambition of the company. 

Are we dealing with a 'sustainable innovation, i.e. bringing better products into established markets or rather a 'Radical Innovation', i.e. disrupt or be disrupted - new business model, product or service. The type of innovation, sustainable vs radical, will determine the further innovation process. 

Next step is assembling the innovation team, which is preferably a mixed team. Identify those inspiring managers and employees, the believers who are willing to do what it takes in order to contribute to the achievement of the organisation's goals and to the implementation of its strategies.

The brainstorm methodology supporting the innovation process will be determined based upon the innovation ambition, team composition and the content of the project they can convey. Example methodologies: GPS Brainstorm, Innovation Jams, Business Model Innovation, Sector related Service Design..

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What we're offering

We can be your partner throughout your complete innovation cycle helping to activate innovation within the company.  

Our Innovation process managers/architects supervise and bring structure in the brainstorm sessions and value discovery workshops. We make it our responsibility that the right expertise is brought in at the right time in order ideas can be converted into successful businesses

Why us?

We have a strategic plan; it’s called DOING THINGS!

Our holistic approach allows to activate innovation and to facilitate implementation. Our engagement does not end once a report has been delivered containing the top 10 future concepts or possible new business models. After delivery of this report the real innovation challenge only begins.  Prioritize and translate business strategy into a balanced portfolio of innovation projects.

A difficult task for which Contribute Groups also offers an appropriate approach. For more information about this approach we invite you to read more in our 'Define' approach. 

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