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Ravago Plastics is part of the Ravago Group, world leader in the field of distribution, recycling and production of synthetic granules for the petro chemistry on the one hand and finished products for the construction and plastic industries on the other hand. Being manufacturer of a wide range of finished products, the Finished Goods department fulfils a prominent role in the European Market.  The largest consumers of Ravago’s products are construction, plastics and packaging businesses. Ravago is also the exclusive distributor of reputed brands as well as distributor of a variety of finished goods.

Why we became partners

Ravago chose to collaborate with Contribute Group to deliver and develop software to have the internal organisation working faster and more efficient. Being world leader in their segment, Ravago has the ambition to follow the innovation trends more closely, and to work more mobile oriented. Thanks to intensive collaboration we succeeded to improve the operational excellence within Ravago.

How we did it

Ravago wants to work in a more efficient and structured way. For realizing these improvements, Contribute Group has introduced some new projects. E-invoicing, Data Science and Reporting were some of these improvement projects for gaining insights into the operation of the company.


One of the challenges of Ravago was to migrate their legacy application to a modern modular application. For achieving we developed together with Ravago, a new architecture based upon the latest technologies.

Consequently, new opportunities arose to create faster integrations with other software packages such as e-invoicing tools, reporting modules, CRM integrations.

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Ravago was dealing with difficulties in the maintainability of some of their internal systems. In the future these issues had to be addressed more flexible and easier. To improve efficiency, we delivered different software packages.

We developed a reporting tool for giving management insights into the daily operation of their department. This tool is a kind of ‘cockpit’ in which progress or difficulties become more visible.

Thanks to the e-invoicing solution, Ravago has been able to automate the invoice process.

A new CRM system enables a user-friendly customer management.

We developed some custom build applications for Ravago in java and mobile technology, the ‘sales order entry’ application being one of them. Thanks to this application, business is now able to process orders much faster.

Integration between the different systems is managed via the Mulesoft integration platform.

Contribute Group provides the necessary coaching and advice with regard to these new technologies and solutions.


How can we have our organisation to work more efficient? How do we get the business expectations clear and how can we facilitate the delivery process? These were only some of the questions that needed to be answered in order to to bring Operational Excellence to a higher level.

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Business and IT need to be aligned at all times. That’s the only way to enable faster delivery and an efficient organisation. A number of projects were initiated to achieve these purposes.

One of the projects was the improvement of the sales order process. By clearly determining priorities within the different projects and have the expectations aligned, Ravago has now created a more efficient working environment.

A hackaton was organised in order to have the developers’ involvement and commitment for working and dealing with these new technologies. Within the IT department Agile working by means of Kanban was introduced.


Contribute Group helped Ravago in exploring the new challenges within Operational Excellence. We provided ideas in the domains of mobile applications and data science ensuring a better functioning of the company.

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Discovering the value new technologies can bring, e.g. in the field of mobile, data science, … Ravago is now able to make order/sales forecasts. An improvement saving them a lot of money.

We have learnt developers to make a code repository, do research, implement event processing…  allowing them to acquire insights in their code quality.

Billing can now be done electronically, resulting in a more efficient process.