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Mazda Motor Logistics Europe (MLE) based in Willebroek, is Mazda’s European Headquarter for IT, logistics, accounting & treasury. A logistics distribution centre supplying spare parts to 2.300 European Mazda distributors via 22 national sales organisations. Furthermore National importers can also rely on MLE for IT and financial services.

Why we became partners

Mazda’s software solutions are built in Oracle and Java technology.  Being a trend watcher and keen on promising new technologies, Mazda has chosen to partner with Contribute Group to tackle future challenges and to offer better service to their end customers.

How we did it

Our combined passions led to a partnership that focused on innovation, organisational structure and technology. From this angle we began to think about a better customer service. New technologies were introduced in the organisation and applied towards the customers.  Throughout the entire process, Mazda could rely on Contribute Group for professional advice and coaching on the new realisations.


We took the maturity of Mazda’s IT departments to the next level by providing coaching and professional advice in different domains. Knowing full well that project organisation, development and performance are key factors for success, we have increased the resource capacity to support the different ongoing projects.

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To improve the Customer Experience we have introduced some new technology solutions. The Oracle Exalogic project being one of them. Being an Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner we have helped Mazda to implement this solution.
Oracle Identity & Access Management has been implemented enabling Mazda to install Single Sign On over different applications.

We were also referred to as strategic advisor for the new technology domains. java backend and java frontend.

To gain better insights in the systems’ performance and monitoring, we advised Mazda to implement the Dynatrace solution within their infrastructure and development team. After this implementation we provided the necessary training and coaching for this solution.


When introducing new technologies and concepts the alignment of the business and IT is crucial. Contribute Group offers support when preparing those plans. Not to mention the importance of informing and preparing the people for these upcoming changes.

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Incoming requests need to be handled as quickly as possible. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to determine the priorities and to see to it that tasks are followed-up. Business is impatient, but IT needs to be able to deliver. New systems need to be built in order to guarantee quick delivery. A good integration between business and IT is extremely important. As such, support is required for draft plans, determine priorities, making the organisation to work more efficiently,  etc…

How to handle all these changes and transitions within the organisation? How can change lead to more efficiency? Mazda is not afraid to think ‘out of the box’ but this does not imply that everybody deals equally well with all of these changes. Change Management is essential to successfully guiding a transition process.


Being a trustworthy partner, we were granted a lot of latitude to introduce new things focusing on customer service improvement. The Mazda spirit is very unique and inspiring. In order to transfer this experience, Contribute Group introduced a number of new concepts in AR/VR technology.

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Mazda wants a clear strategy to improve customer intimacy. We helped Mazda to gather new ideas and concepts on customer profiling and how ‘The Experience’ can offer added value to the customer.

Thanks to Mazda’s out of the box attitude we were able to introduce new technologies such as AR/VR bringing products to live. Mazda customers are now able to configure their personal Mazda. Color, style, fabrics…. everything according to their own wishes.

Value discovery workshops on how data science can enrich CRM are also organised.