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Most professional clubs are member of the Koninklijke Belgische Voetbalbond (KBVB). It’s the official body organising the different national competitions and to which all clubs can join. Furthermore, KBVB vouches for our national team, the Red Devils!

Why we became partners

For one of its projects, KBVB was in need for expertise in a specific domain. As we were able to deliver that expertise, our first collaboration came about. One of the challenges of the KBVB was to strengthen the football experience and to give the KBVB a more positive image. We are proud to say that the KBVB has chosen for Contribute Group to help them with these challenges. Hence, we meanwhile have evolved into a full partnership.

How we did it

The KBVB was specifically looking into taking football to another dimension and making the organisation work faster and more efficiently. By introducing innovative technologies and changes to the organisation, we improved the customer experience and operational excellence. This resulted in new business models that profoundly impacted the football federation and its community.


Digitization brought football closer to the people. ICT solutions enabled us to automate, segment supporters, share information about every football game. Thus, the football fan experiences a completely different journey.

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Contribute Group developed the e-Kick off application. This app was built to improve and facilitate the interactions between referees, secretaries, football players and all other stakeholders involved in a football game.

Because of the Red Devils big success, supporters club 1895 got back into the spotlight. This application allows for better identification of the supporters and a simpler ticketing for games of our national team.

Furthermore, also supporters, sponsors or other parties could easily obtain information with the mobile application ‘Best of Belgian Football’. This app has become a true engagement platform offering real time information on your favourite teams, players, cancellations etc… for the different leagues..

Obviously, our engagement does not end upon delivery of a state of the art application. This type of engagement platforms generate a lot of traction and data traffic e.g. during and after top matches. We  guarantee continuity by offering performance stability ensuring that servers do not crash at the typical peaks in the data traffic,. This measure shows our proactive attitude towards our customers. KBVB asked us to remain involved in the next steps of this project and we were regularly asked to advise them on the solutions used.


All these recently introduced novelties and IT solutions have an impact both on the administration processes and on the architecture. Contribute Group has been asked to investigate and resolve the priority setting required for proper functioning.

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Contribute Group closely cooperates with KBVB maintaining an open and transparent communication. At the end of each project, the developers reconsider priorities. Our agile way of working enabled us to simultaneously execute different projects but also keep the business involved.

To ensure the progress of the projects, we closely monitored the capacity planning delivering extra profiles whenever needed. This smart sourcing model affects the daily working of the Operations department. As such it was extremely important to inform people informed on changes and provide the necessary coaching.


Digitization can no longer be ignored. Each and everyone wants to innovate by digitizing. We helped KBVB to digitize by bringing football closer to the people, working faster and more efficiently. We helped the KBVB to discover the value of new business models.

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Contribute Group soon realized that the KBVB's innovation challenges were situated in the domains of Customer Experience, Operational Excellence and New Business Models. Ideas were exchanged and a new strategy was developed.

One of the ideas resulted in establishing a community for a million football fans for whom football suddenly was within their reach. An improved Customer Experience was born.

Operational Excellence was improved by digitizing and automating the many paper forms that circulate before and during each match. Where one used to have everything written down, copied, have information checked, signed etc…one can now digitally complete a form, digitally sign it and have it send by one simple click. Thanks to this innovation KBVB is now able to process and share information much faster and more efficient.

Another challenge was improving the existing business models. Again by intensive collaboration with the KBVB we designed new applications enabling sponsors to see at a glance who is linked to which football club. Furthermore football data could be managed much better and more accurately. After all, a positive image of a sponsored football club equally results in a positive image for the sponsors.

Partnership in action
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